Mason jar sizes

types of mason jars

Whether you call them “mason jars,” “canning jars,” or “Ball” jars, they come in many different sizes and shapes.  Some types of mason jars have brand names and images on them while others feature plain smooth sides or colored glass. The most common mason jar sizes are half-pint, pint, quart, and half-gallon.

Jars are categorized in 2 ways:

  1. Capacity–measured in ounces
  2. Mouth diameter–regular or wide

Regular mouth jars are 2.5″ in diameter while wide mouth jars measure 3″ across. The smallest standard mason jars are 2 ounces and the largest holds one gallon (128 ounces).

Keep reading for a full list of mason jar sizes and uses/ Ready to add new jars to your collection? Click the photos to check out some of our favorite jars.  

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2 oz. mason jars

The smallest size mason jar is the 2 ounce. These tiny jars are just right for shot glasses, storage, and party favors. Some 2 ounce jars even come with a handle so you can toast with your miniature mug. Two ounce jars are also good for storing facial lotions, serums, and other toiletries.


2 oz glass jar with screw lid         16pk of 2 oz mason jar shot glasses with lid

2 oz mini mason jar with handle2.5 oz mini mason jars favors with lids and labels 2oz favor and storage mason jars

4 oz. / quarter-pint mason jars

A quarter-pint jar holds 4 ounces and is often used for jelly, giving it the nickname “jelly jar.” Ball sells a taller, narrower version of the 4 oz. jar that is perfect for storing spices. Crafters like quarter-pint mason jars for storing small items like beads and brides like them for DIY wedding favors. Due to their tiny size, you’ll find that most quarter-pint jars come with a regular rather than a wide mouth.

   Ball 4 oz quilted jelly jars 12pk                4oz mason spice jars                4oz wide body regular mouth mason jelly jar


8 oz. / half-pint mason jars

When bottling jam, most canners use half-pint size jars. A half-pint jar holds 8 ounces and is the perfect size for gifting. The most common half-pint jars are the regular mouth, but if you are looking for unique jars, you can also find some short wide-mouth varieties. In addition to jam, half-pint jars are also a nice size for homemade candles, pencil holders, and vases for small flowers.

Ball quilted crystal 8 oz jelly jars     Ball 8 oz regular mouth smooth sided jar      Ball 8 oz regular mouth decorative jar

Ball 8oz wide mouth short jar     Ball 8 oz wide mouth Elite Collection brushed silver jars


12 oz. / Three-quarters pint mason jars

Three-quarter pint jars are usually tall and skinny with a regular size mouth. This less-common jar size holds 12 ounces and is a good choice for canning string beans and other long, narrow produce.


Ball 12 oz quilted crystal canning jar

16 oz. / pint mason jars

Pint-sized mason jars are one of the most popular sizes and are easy to find. The 16-ounce capacity is just right for canning homemade salsa, pasta sauces, and fruits. Pint jars are often used for crafting, home decor, and special event centerpieces as well since they are a perfect height for vases. Blue mason jars and purple mason jars are visually stunning choices for holding a bouquet of flowers.

Ball 16 oz wide mouth short canning jar     Ball 16 oz regular mouth canning jars     Ball 16 oz. wide mouth canning jar     Ball 16 oz regular mouth aqua blue vintage mason jar     Ball 16 oz spiral glass jar

24 oz. / pint-and-a-half mason jars

Pint-and-a-half mason jars are a specialty size and aren’t common in stores. They hold 24 ounces and the tall regular mouth version is just right for canning asparagus stalks or pickle spears.

  Ball 24 oz wide mouth mason jar     Ball 24 oz drinking jar    

32 oz. / quart mason jars

Quart size jars are one of the most common canning jar sizes and are often used for preserving family-sized batches of sauces, fruits, and vegetables. The 32-ounce size is also excellent for storing lemonade and other beverages in the fridge. Try the wide-mouth version for salads or quinoa salad meals in a jar. Amber colored jars 

   Ball 32 oz regular mouth quart mason jar       Ball 32 oz wide mouth quart mason jar          Ball 32 oz wide mouth purple quart mason jar       Ball 32 oz wide mouth amber mason jar


64 oz. / half-gallon mason jars

Break out the half-gallon mason jar for pickling a jumbo batch of jalapenos or cucumbers. The 64-ounce jars are also fantastic for culturing kombucha or trying your hand at homemade apple cider vinegar. Need a storage container for your flour or sugar? The half-gallon mason jar is up to the task. Half gallon jars are one of the more common mason jar sizes and can be found at most stores as well as online.

Ball 64 oz wide mouth canning jar        Ball 64 oz wide mouth amber canning jar        Ball 64 oz half gallon storage jar

128 oz. / gallon mason jars

The largest mason jar is the 128-ounce gallon jar. These jumbo jars are a good size for storing cereal, nuts, and rice, or for placing on a shelf as a decorative item. If your kids are collecting their coins and saving up for a special trip, a gallon mason jar is the perfect storage container.

Ball 128 oz gallon mason jar